Sunday, August 24, 2008

*Ways of Learning the Alphabet

Ways of Learning the Alphabet

The name of the letter
Show your child a letter card and ask him/her to tell you the name of the letter.
The way the letter looks
Talk about the shape of the letter.
What is the composition of the letter . . . circles, sticks, tails, etc.?
The sound the letter makes
Show your child a letter card and ask him/her to make the sound that the letter produces.
Remember that each vowel makes two sounds.
The feel and look of the letter in our mouths (look in a mirror)

Focus on the pronunciation of the letter and the production of the sound. Where is the tongue, and what is it doing? Where are your teeth? (It helps to look in a mirror for this exercise.)
I purchased a round makeup mirror with a stand at the local drugstore for this purpose. It was easy for children to handle, easy to store and the magnified side is great.

The movement of the letter as it is written (talk it through in steps)T
alk through the method of producing the letter in printed form.

A word or anchor that children associate with the letter
Example: A, a, apple gives children an anchor to use as a memory tool.
The way the letter looks within a word

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