Thursday, March 5, 2009

* Big Learning Board

One of our favorite teaching and learning tools in our classroom is our InterWrite Interactive Learning Board. We call it the "Big Learning Board!"

This board brings power to our learning. We can bring the world into our classroom in a really BIG way. The big board is like a supersize on the wall computer.

This photo is a simple way of telling us it is time to put our coat and backpack on and ready ourselves to go home. This gives our teacher power to use her time and voice to help us in other ways besides telling us what to do. This helps us learn to be observant in our learning environment as we must notice for ourselves what needs to be done and think and process for ourselves what we are being asked to do.

This is just one simple way we use this board to communicate and to learn.
This board is powerful. We are just learning how to use the board, and we know there are very big learning days ahead!

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