Thursday, February 5, 2009

* Segmenting Words: Word Work!

We do Word Work every day! Here we are using our Segmenting Mats. This is how we use the mats to learn to read and write:
(LOL... These are the words as they were told to me by the children!)
1. Get a mat-- it doesn't matter which one because they are all the same!
2. Get a "rasable" marker... we can pick our favorite color!
3. Get a CLEAN tissue - to erase the marker
4. Get some 2-color chips... mostly we need 3!
5. Choose a picture card.
6. Say the picture word very slowly (like a turtle) so you can hear the letter sounds but don't talk too loud cause other people's heads can't think.
7. Put a color chip on the mat. For each letter sound you hear. If you don't put the chip on then our teacher will remind you because this is VERY important!
8. Take your marker and put it in your hand. And take the lid off. And put it on the bottom so you won't lose it. And don't write on yourself.

9. Write a letter for the first chip because that's what you do.
10. Keep writing the sounds you hear until you have a letter that goes under each by chip. You have to keep making the sound so you won't forget what you are doing.
11. And now you look at the marker letters on the mat that you made and you read the sounds. And see if the sounds made the word you wanted.
12.If you made a word you did good. Then you give yourself a cheer because you did a good job.
13. And this is important... use a clean tissue to wipe off the word so you can write a new word. You can't use the same tissue that your nose used.
14. Keep writing and "rasing" and
picking picture cards until the teacher says it is time to clean up.
15. Everyone better clean up because it's rude if you don't.
16. Then stand by your chair and wait until your teacher tells you to go to the next center.
We are good at writing words! It takes a lot of "segmenting!" Try it next time you have to spell a word.
That's good advice from us kids!

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