Wednesday, February 4, 2009

* Healthy Teeth

We MUST learn to brush our teeth. Many of our kindergarten friends are coming to school without brushing their teeth. Please take a few minutes two times a day to brush your teeth... your friends, AND YOUR TEACHERS will thank you for it! Get yourself a healthy smile.

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You have to take care of your teeth or you won't have any teeth when you are older, and you won't be able to chew your food.

This boy has lost a tooth, but that is okay because it is a baby tooth. He will get another tooth, an adult tooth in its place. He needs to take care of his teeth now so his adult teeth will grow in strong and healthy.

These boys don't have any front teeth. They lost their baby teeth, but they didn't take care of their teeth. When their adult teeth grew in, they were not healthy so they rotted out. Their teeth are not healthy and they are in pain many times during the day.

This baby is getting teeth. Take care of your teeth from the very beginning.

This is a healthy smile.
This smile will bring you a BIG life!

These kids have healthy smiles. They are happy and out of pain.

This is a healthy mouth.

This girl is loosing her baby teeth. She has a healthy smile because she brushes her teeth 2 times every day. She eats healthy snacks and visits her dentist 2 times a year.

She will have a healthy smile if she keeps up these good habits.

This is a healthy and happy smile!

These are dentures. They are false teeth. They cost a lot of money. People have a set of teeth like these made for them if their teeth are rotten. Some people don't have enough money to buy teeth like this.

These are baby teeth.
These are rotten baby teeth.
This person does not take care of his/her teeth.
This person might have sucked on a bottle with juice in it and never brushed his/her teeth.
This must be very painful!

These adult teeth. These are rotten adult teeth.

Take care of your teeth. They need to last a lifetime.
Brush 2 times a day.
Floss every day.
Eat healthy snacks.
See your dentist 2 times a year.

Take care of your smile!

You'll want to look like this!

And have a healthy set of teeth for a lifetime.

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