Friday, January 23, 2009

* Word Wall

Here is our Word Wall. We have been using this word wall all year long! We started by learning the letters and putting them up in order of the Alphabet Song. The letters and words are put onto the board with magnets. This way we can take the words or letters off the board and use them on the white board to make words, make sentences, or study words and letters. We learned that if we put the letters in order of the Alphabet Song, it will be easier for us to keep the words and letters organized. It will be easier for us to find the letters or words we are looking for when we read and write. We learned that this is how words are organized in a dictionary and other word learning books. Sometimes information is organized this way on the internet so that it is easier to find what we need.
In the beginning of the year, we put all of our names on the board. We took our names off to make room for the sight words we would be learning this year. The board is getting full of sight words, and we are getting to be super reader's and writer's because we are learning these words.
Thank you word wall for helping us learn!

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