Monday, May 4, 2009

* Recess

I copied the message below from a note posted in our Teacher's Lounge.... I think we all need a little RECESS!

Februrary 25, 2009

Hitting the Blacktop Can Help Increase School Performance

A New York Times article cites a recent study the concludes recess can help students learn better in the classroom. The study of 11,000 children concludes that those who have 15 minutes or more of recess behave better in school than those who have only a brief recess or none at all.

Thirty percent of the schools participating in the study had little or no recess, and many schools view recess as a privilege and not as part of curriculum. The study is significant because it concludes that recess should be a necessary part of the school day. Additionally, students who had recess in a "natural" setting did better than those in an urban setting, and students with attention challenges benefit greatly from having a break during recess.

In light of this research, should recess be a school-day privilege or a priority?
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