Saturday, November 15, 2008

* Courtesy: Marvin and Jessie

Every month, the a group of teachers and staff members at our school perform a play for us. They plays are about building good charactor. There are always 2 characters that stay the same. They are Marvin and Jessie, two kids who make good character choices while they are growing up.

This month, our teacher was in the play. She was Madame Magenta. Her character created a machine that would take a person into the future. Marvin and Jessie were acting rude. Madame Magenta asked if Marvin and Jessie would like to go into the Magnificant Future Machine. When they went into the machine they found out that if they were rude when they were kids, they would probably be rude when they were grown up.

This play taught us to work on courtesy so that we can be courteous kids now and courteous adults in the future.

We thank our teacher for taking time to teach us to be courteous each and every day.

We look forward to learning each month from Marvin and Jessie!

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