Wednesday, December 10, 2008

* Objective Learning Board

Every day we read our Objective Learning Board. Our teacher taught us that the word "objective" is a big word because it is a word that includes all of the things we will be learning this year. We can't learn all the things at one time, so we will focus on one learning "objective" at a time. The board helps us keep our focus. It helps us keep on task. We can read the board as a group, we can read the board with a friend, or we can read the board all by ourself. Each day we read the Objective Learning Board with our teacher. This is what the learning board says: "Today I will learn the name/sound of letter(s) ____ (Our teacher writes this in when we read the board). I will learn to use this letter(s) when I write words and stories. I am learning to read and write! Thank you Objective Learning Board for helping us keep our focus!

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