Friday, September 12, 2008

* September Gingerbread Man

The first few days of Kindergarten we read many different stories about The Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Girl, and The Gingerbread Baby. We even read a story about The Gingerbread Cowboy! One day there was a Gingerbread Boy in the book. It had a clue written on it. We followed the clues all through our new school, meeting many of the helpers in our school. The last clue led us back to our classroom where we found a plate of Gingerbread Cookies waiting for us to eat!

Math - Gathering Data:
Before we took a bite, our teacher asked us to think about which part of the Gingerbread boy we would eat first. Would we eat the head first? Would we eat one of the legs, or one of the arms? Mrs. Probert gave us a paper cut out of a Gingerbread Boy. We tore off the part of the body we would eat first. We took our paper Gingerbread Boy out into the hallway.
Organizing the Data - Making a Graph
We made a Bar Graph with our paper Gingerbread Boys.
Answering the Question: Which part of the gingerbread boy will most people eat first?
14 People would bite one leg first.
8 People would bite one arm first.
3 People would bite the head first.

We made paper Gingerbread People and decorated each with paper shapes. We hung the paper Gingerbread People in the Kindergarten hallway for everyone to see.
We are very proud of the Gingerbread People!
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