Wednesday, February 25, 2009

* Our 4th Grade Buddies

My buddies are Ms. Mindy and Mis Annie. They are nice and we do things together. They help me learn and help me teach kids. by Mrs. Probert
My buddy comes and we do stuff. I like to do my own stuff. by Ethan

My buddy is my sister Sophia. When she comes I show her the calendar. We count on the calendar. We make art stuff together. She helps me cut. She helps me color. She helps me glue. I like my buddy because she is my sister. by Ella

I like my buddy. She is nice. by Holly

My buddy is sweet and nice and beautiful and sharing. I remember her name. We hang out at recess. by Bryana

I keep forgetting my buddies name. My story is about when I was playing at recess I found puddles but I didn't jump in them. My buddy came and asked me to play for 5 minutes and then I played for 5 minutes and then my buddy told me it was time to go in. by Abby

We cut. We glue. We color. We learn. I see my budy at recess and in the hall. I like my buddy. By Emilio

My buddy is Mrs. Probert. She is nice. She is a good teacher and I like her. From Elijah

My buddy is Matthew. When Matthew comes we made Abraham Lincoln and we cut and we glue together. And we maked him tall. by Wendell

My buddy is Hunter. We work in the hall and we made Abrahm Lincoln and we glued and we cut out the pieces. I like having my buddy come because he is nice. by Stephen

Molly is my buddy. She is nice and kind of really really my friend. Because she is really nice to me because I just like her because she is kind of a best buddy. by Braeden

Me and my buddy play down at the playground. And me and my buddy be friends. And Gia is sad because I miss her because she is absent today. by Sonya

Me and my buddy played at the playground today. And we played tag in the grass. We made a snow tunnel one time at recess and we made a snowman first... we made 2. When my buddy comes we share by when we have one scissors we share it. We wanted the same color one time but we shared it and the color was red. by Jaylin (JW)

I don't remember my buddies name. I play with her at recess. We all play in on the red poles. And there is a new thing outside. I don't know what it is. We do stuff in our classroom with them. We umm... we took a walk and we saw 2 house against us and we both of us goed to our own house ... The End by Lillie

I remember her name. Yeah.. Well I just don't remember what we do. My buddy helps me do practice stuff that my teacher says. by Rocky

Hayden is my buddy. We went to the park. Then we did ahhhh... we did... we went down the slide. Then we played tag there. He helps me do a lot of stuff like cutting and glue stuff. He helps me learn lots of stuff. by Jaylon

Adam is my buddy. We goed outside and we find each other outside. by Bryson

My buddy he pulled a flower and he had a flower. by Simone

We play tackle football. He is Payton. We play soccer. He is a cool guy. When I see him at school I wave hello to him everywhere when I see him. by Aiden

My story is called umm... oh, wait. I hit the biggest rain cloud I ever seen and two of his ummmm, ummm gaurds. I play with my buddy. by Samuel

My buddy is Asher and we like to have fun. And we do work very nice. And one more thing... uhhh... and we are friends. by William

Matthew my buddy my brother is nice and he helps me and we do stuff. by Jacob

Absent: Gia
Absent: Sarah (went home early not feeling good.)

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