Wednesday, January 7, 2009

* Kid Letters

We are active learners. Here we are using our bodies to make letters. Letters are made from straight lines, slanted lines, and curvy lines. Some letters are just straight. Some letters are just curvy. Some letters are straight and curvy. We like learning about letters and their shapes and sounds. We are learning to read and write.
Learn Your ABC's
Act silly
Believe in Magic (or Believe in Yourself)
Create adventures
Daydream every chance you get
Enjoy life as much as possible (Or Enjoy the little things)
Find time for fun
Goof off (or Go to Unexplored places)
Hang upside down from trees or Hug Somebody)
Join clubs (or Join)
Keep it simple
Love all creatures
Make time for friends
Nap when you can
Open you mind to new ideas!!!
Play when you feel like it (or Play Every day)
Question the answers (or Quiet your mind)
Run with the wind
Sing favorite songs
Take days off
Uncover your talents
Venture out (or voice your opinion)
Walk on the wild side
X-pect the best Y
ield to the moment
Zzzz peacefully at night

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