Friday, April 17, 2009

* Math Bag M&M's

Math Bag: We Love Math Bag.
We each take a turn bringing the math bag home. We work with our family to put something in the math bag for us to problem solve. We write our problem in the Math Exploration Note Book. We can't tell our friends what is in the bag, they have to ask questions to help them with clues about what is in the bag like: "Is it oval?" "Are they different colors?" "Can you sort it?" "Can we share it?" Can you play with it?" "Can you eat it?" After we guess what is in the bag we open it and put the item(s) on our Exploration Mat. We read the Exploration Problem that the person wrote. We discuss what we need to do to solve the problem. We work together to solve the problem. We also think of over ways we can explore math with the item(s). We thank the person for bringing the item(s) and a problem for us to solve. Then it is another friends turn to take the bag home! It is one of our favorite learning experiences. A big thanks to our parents for helping us learn! Our parents like to read the explorations in the book that our friends have written!
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