Sunday, March 22, 2009

* Our Very Mixed Up Field Trip!

Thank you Union Bldg Bowling Ally for letting us come!
Thank you volunteers for coming and helping!
Thank you Mrs. Probert for paying for our games!
Thank you our Teacher Friend for making arrangements for us!
Thank you boys and girls for learning step by step.

Read the story below the Smile Box Slide Show... to learn about our

Very Mixed Up Day!

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It was a crazy day!

Last August Mrs. Probert scheduled a field trip with the University Art Department. We were going to learn how to make a print stone and make many prints from it! The day of the trip, we were all ready to go. Permission slips signed. Parent volunteers were ready in the classroom. The bus was parked out front... Then, just before we were to leave, Mrs. Probert heard the phone ring. It was the University. They canceled our field trip. The teacher could not come and teach the art project.

What will we do?

We talked to the Principal. He asked us to think of a new place to go.

First we thought it would be fun to go sky diving! Yup! Sky diving.... we would have to get an airplane, parachutes.... new permission slips. But, wait... one of the boys in our class is afraid of heights... so we decided NOT to go sky diving. That made our teacher smile.

We were beginning to think we would just go to the park and play together. Then our teacher's friend (who teaches kindergarten) had a great idea to call the university bowling alley. We crossed our fingers, hoping they would be able to have us bowl there!

Yes! They said we could come. They would only charge us for the games we bowled ($1.50/game) and not charge us for shoes. That made our teacher smile, because she was paying for all of us. (Our other field trip was free).

We were sooooo excited! What size of shoe does everyone wear? Lots of little shoes to get... Lots of shoes to untie and tie! Have you ever bowled? Many of us had not! So, we had a lot to learn. We had to learn to take turns and to watch our score. We really didn't care about our score, we just had fun bowling together!

A big thank you to one of our volunteer dad's who came and helped when our lane was stalled! (This happened alot because we threw our ball too soon sometimes!)

Thanks for a happy ending!

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