Thursday, January 22, 2009

* We Love Math Bag

We have a special bag in our class. We each take turns taking the bag home. It is called Math Exploration Bag. Our teacher is the creator of the bag and the explorations. The bag also has a math recording book in it.

When it is our turn to take the bag home, we work with our parents to choose something to put into the bag. We ask a question, present a problem or exploration for friends to solve.
Before we begin the exploration, we feel the bag and ask questions to discover what is in the bag. This helps us with our language and communication skills.

This day, our friend brought Star Burst candy. We sorted the candy by color to discover which color there was most and which was least. Before we sorted, we made several estimated guesses. What we discovered was that there were more pink and less red. Next, we made a pattern using the colors. Then we each picked our favorite flavor and used the wrapper to make a graph. We discovered that our the flavor most liked by our class was red.

If you would like a Math Exploration CD with lots of fun ways to explore math, you can email our teacher at

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